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Another way for me to share my experiences of the natural world and my love for animals is through my research and writing. I have written a number of books and papers both general and peer reviewed. 

The following are the main areas I have published and continue to work on, all of which are evidence based and best practice:

- wild humpback dolphin (Sousa sahulensis) behaviour

- emotional lives of cetaceans

- feline behaviour

- canine behaviour

Most of these works are free or available at a small cost. Money raised goes to animal welfare and conservation. There is a section on this website where you can learn more about these projects and where the money you donate goes to. 

To learn more about these or to purchase you can email me:

You can also check social media for reviews and updates of new titles:

Facebook - Talking Animals

Instagram - Tamzin@sahulensis

You Tube - Talking Animals

Twitter - Tamzin@sahulensis

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