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Talking Animals Products

Click on the links below to buy or email us for further information.  

Fantastic Felines eBook

A unique interactive program written and illustrated by Tamzin for you and your cat to get to know and appreciate each other even more. Available through Apple books for $4.99 (Aus $)

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Enrichment & Rehoming of Cats - a complete program for shelters, rescues and more.

This ebook outlines a complete behaviour, enrichment and rehoming program for confined cats. If you are in the business of rescuing and finding forever homes for cats then check this book out.  Available through the link below. FREE

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Say No To Plastic - picture book

Written by Ned and Shane Heaton and illustrated by Tamzin, this book takes you on one boy's journey to encourage us all to use less plastic and help clean up our environment. Available through Apple books for $4.99 (Aus $)

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Humpback dolphin research

Read about Tamzin's research on free-ranging humpback dolphins living in the waters of Tin Can Bay.


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Prints and cards

To buy any of the following posters or cards send us an email and we will get them posted out to you asap.

Posters $50 (Aus $) - includes postage and handling within Australia only.












Cards $8 each (Aus $) plus $4 postage and handling (within Australia) - buy more and save on postage!

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