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Donations to Causes

Thanks to those who generously support my work by purchasing my art. This allows me to donate and give back to these amazing people who help reduce the suffering of animals through their loving care and dedication. 

Sunflowers (Helianthus) finished! Will n

Farm Animal Rescue

'Sunflowers' coloured pencil on water colour paper

'Imagine a place where farm animals are free...' Farm Animal Rescue do just that- rescue farm animals, some of the most abused animals on the planet.  They give them a new home, love and safety.  Find out more about their amazing work and the beautiful animals that reside with them:


The Orangutan Project

Funds raised through exhibition 'For The Love of Animals'

An incredible group of dedicated wildlife carers working together for over 20 years to protect orangutans from extinction.


Kangala - Kangaroo Island wildlife rescue

'Koala' - mixed media on water colour paper

This family dedicate their every moment to helping the koalas and kangaroos that were tragically caught in the recent fires. You must check out their instagram feed - what amazing work they are doing every day to reduce the suffering of native wildlife.

Instagram: Kangaroo & Wildlife Rescue @Kangla_ki

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