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In the Studio

July 2024
As the year moves on, time is slipping away again! The draw every cat species project is almost through the second stage.  Putting detail in the eyes, nose, mouth and basic fur patterns and colours.  The cats are coming to life. I have found from drawing cat faces all year that there is a particular style emerging that wasn't there when I started. If you get a chance to do a project like this go for it.  You will learn so much about your art style and your subject.  

Also in the studio I have been continuing work on Catworld. The graphic novel/picture book I am writing and illustrating.  The manuscript was submitted to the 'Publishable' writers' competition.  Later this month I will see if it got shortlisted.  Unfortunately my story Snaps and a new illustration from Catworld did not place at all in the Queensland Children's Writer/Illustrator competition. I will add those to the growing pile of rejection slips I have been collecting!  That's how you know you are a real writer. 

On a more productive note, my latest research paper on the humpback dolphins from Tin Can Bay was submitted to Animal Behaviour journal and they didn't reject it straight off. After edits and resubmit we are waiting to hear back if they are going to publish it and when. So far, so good. Let's hope that's another one for the dolphins!

I've also been updating the website.  Can you find the new additions? Hope you enjoy.

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