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In the Studio


May 2024

Wow this year is moving fast! Since my last update I have submitted my latest dolphin research paper on interactions of male humpback dolphins based on over 10 years of data. So far 2 rejections! That’s the way of science… Maybe third time lucky!  Also this month I have entered 'Catworld' my graphic novel on big cats and little people, into the Publishable competition.  Additionally I have entered another book I wrote called 'Snaps' into another writing competition.  Hoping to get somewhere with those books and get them published.

In addition to the research and writing I do I am also setting up my online catalogue for my licensing images. Learning about trend setting, preparing mock ups and seeking working relationships with companies that I admire. Stay tuned for more info to come.  

In the meantime I continue to work on drawing all the different cat species.  And am part of Kate Jenvey's Animal Artists Academy. Each month we meet up with Kate and learn more about drawing animals in coloured pencils.  It is a wonderful group and I am hoping to add what I learn to my portfolio.

Until next time - keep drawing!

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