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In the Studio

March 2024
The new year is moving fast!  This year I am taking Talking Animals more into the story realm.  That means in the studio lately I have been writing and illustrating books to come out later this year.  Catworld is the main book project I am working on at the moment.  It is a story about the relationship between a cat and their person. In the tradition of wordless books and comics, my influences have been Raymond Briggs, Roald Dahl and Maurice Sendak.  

Also in the studio I have been continuing work from SVS Learn - storybook course that I did last year.  Here are some of the illustrations I completed for a re-tell of Little Red Riding Hood:

While Catworld comes alive, I have been doing some small challenges, about cats of course!  

I ended 2023 with a draw 100 cats challenge - and it was too easy!  Seriously though drawing cats is one of my favourite things to draw.  After completing that challenge I moved on to created some cartoon sketches.  Then to challenge myself even further I decided to draw every breed of cat. This has been taking a bit longer.... But all the main faces, and eyes have been done.  Now just for the details.  Experimenting with line work also.  Who knew there were so many cat breeds!

Above left to right - a sample of the 100 cats; a cartoon sketch and one of the breeds with line work I am experimenting with.

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