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In the Studio

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Starting to take shape! For me it is so

This week in the studio

This week I’m focusing on a commission for one of my lovely collectors. We are creating a beautiful painting in water colour of humpback whales. I’m also finishing off some sea slugs for an exhibition. I usually will have up to 3 focus areas for the week. My last focus for this week is to finish off Mr JJ - a large coloured pencil drawing of my beautiful cat who passed away two years ago.

wip humpback.jpg

Humpback whales

For this piece I was so fortunate to get permission to use images from the amazing Howard Hill, filmmaker, himself. I watched hours of film and made sketches of different compositions of mother and calf.  Then in consultation with my wonderful collector the final composition was designed.

Painting sea slugs _) #amazingseacreatur

Sea slugs

For an upcoming exhibition I have made some sea slugs and nudibranchs with supersculpty.  This week I am putting on the final layers of colour and patterns.  These slugs will be framed and be part of an exhibition of invertebrates.

Inspiration from Nature

See where I create the Talking Animals art.  Inspiration for my art comes from the natural world - I also have a collection of reference material.  When I work on something I don't have in my collection I always ask permission to reference other people's photographs or video.  See below for some of the wonderful people that have allowed me to use their reference materials.  They go out every day and interact with the animals.

Whales World

Instagram: @whalesworld_

Mette Lubczyk is a certified whale swim guide in Tonga.  She takes amazing photos of the animals she sees and very generously allowed me to use some photos of humpback whales as reference material.  From this I created a large humpback whale piece in acrylic which was part of 'Our Love for Animals' exhibition.  Over $500 was donated to Farm Animal Rescue and The Orangutan Project from the exhibition.  Reproductions of the humpback whale painting are available through my Etsy store.
Many thanks Mette!

Howard Hall film maker

Howard and Michele Hall are natural history film makers who produce amazing IMAX films.  I was mesmerised and motivated by their images and inspired to make sketches of the beautiful humpback whales and dolphins they documented. Howard gave permission for me to use their films as reference material.  From this I have created a commissioned piece of a humpback whale and calf. The monthly original piece for sale in my Etsy store also come from images from these film.  Sales of these products allow me to donate art to causes.
Thank you Howard and Michele!

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